Cambridge University Bold Move


Cambridge University Bold Move. Big news from Cambridge University—they’re making some big changes to how they admit students from state schools. Let’s break it down.

Goodbye, Old Targets

Cambridge used to have a goal of admitting at least 69% of undergraduates from non-private schools. But they’re throwing that plan out the window.

New Strategy Brewing

The university is cooking up a fresh plan that looks at more than just where students went to school. They’re focusing on the individual and what they can bring to the table.

Following the Leader

The decision to ditch the targets came after some advice from the Office for Students (OfS), the big shots in charge of higher education in England. They want universities to think about each student’s unique situation.

What’s in the Works?

Cambridge is getting ready to launch a new five-year plan called the Access and Participation Plan (APP) in 2025. This time, they’re not setting strict numbers—they’re looking at things like whether students got free school meals.

Quality First

Cambridge wants everyone to know they’re not lowering their standards. They still want the best and brightest students, no matter where they come from.

Diversity Matters

While Cambridge has gotten some heat for admitting a lot of students from London and the South East, they’re hoping to attract more talent from up north.

Considering the Whole Picture

When it comes to picking students, Cambridge will still think about where they went to school, especially if it wasn’t a typical choice. They’ll also look at other stuff like family background.

What the Experts Say

The OfS, the folks who keep an eye on higher education, think it’s a good idea to focus on each student’s needs instead of setting strict targets.

More than Just Grades

Mike Nicholson, the person in charge of recruiting students, thinks it’s important to look beyond grades. They want to make sure they’re not missing out on great students just because of where they went to school.

Summing It Up

So, Cambridge is shaking things up by getting rid of their old targets and looking at students in a whole new way. They’re determined to find the best students, no matter what their background is.

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